Meridian 637

A creative, unique, in-depth private server hoping to add all functional features of Runescape in addition to custom and fun minigames, skills, and content. Meridian will always be a work in-progress and you can always find updates in the development section.


Friendly Developers

Each developer was hired for a purpose; to provide the players with unique content, friendly help, and an overall unique experience. If you ever need anything, contact a staff member in game or through the community page.

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Unique Content

The developers of Meridian are constantly working to add updates into that game so that it will not only stand out as unique, but also be a fun to play experience for our players. Keep track of all our updates in the development section!

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Free To Play

No, we're not in it for the money. All content of Meridian will be free to play! However, since the game requires money to operate its servers and websites, we still offer a few ways to donate and support Meridian.

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